Streets Turn Nasty in St. Paul

The far-left is making its presence known here at the RNC in St. Paul. Smoke bombs thrown, protestors linking themselves together with "sleeping dragons" to block traffic, bus tires slashed, and at least one bus carrying passengers attacked. The anarchists are at it.

Here is an exclusive photo of one of the buses attacked by the demonstrators:

bus damage

Security at the Xcel Center is tight, as you can see from this shot:

security perimeter

And the police seem prepared to keep the demonstrators at bay.

security forces

So far, the protests have been quickly contained. But the far-left is doing in St. Paul at the RNC what it only threatened to do in Denver at the DNC.

Perhaps they have been driven mad by the Fox News Jumbotron screen looming above the security perimeter.

Fox jumbotron

Larrey Anderson is covering the RNC in Minneapolis for American Thinker. His latest award winning novel is
The Order of the Beloved.
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