Bristol's Baby: Quick Take

Considering the fun they had with Gustav, one can only wonder what you would get if you put a microphone in front of Michael Moore or Don Fowler in response to the news that Sarah Palin's 17 year old daughter Bristol is pregnant. It appears that this is in fact true

The story indicates that the McCain Campaign knew this prior to the selection of Palin, which makes sense in light of the fact that the pregnancy is five months along and the notion that the vetting of Palin has been going on since February.

If this did catch the McCain camp off guard, kudos to them for the quick response that they are releasing the news to combat liberal blogs claiming that Sarah's fifth child is in fact Bristol's.

Now, what to do to combat the sure-to-appear catcalls about Palin being a believer in abstinence and a devout Christian?  The first response from the Palins, issued in their statement is not a bad start. The Palin's insistence that their daughter gets unconditional love and support as she and her soon-to-be husband "grow up faster" than anticipated is a correct response. Biblical principals dictate forgiveness, and that forgiveness involves the walking out of consequences.

In the Palin household, walking out of consequences does not involve abortion. With mom, it means raising a Down Syndrome child. With Bristol, it will be growing up and facing tough responsibilities earlier than planned. In all cases, the child is a blessing and not considered "a consequence." These so-called problems can be fabulous teaching opportunities and even political wins if they are framed correctly.