Obama's other minister problem

Barack Obama has discarded Pastor Jeremiah Wright, Jr., a man he had previously described as a "moral compass", "sounding board" and "confidant".  But he has been cozying up to another minister who was less "incendiary" and would be more likely to be able to help Obama bolster his support among white evangelicals: Jim Wallis.Wallis is a leader of the so-called religious left. He is a political activist who cloaks his radicalism in religion. He founded and is the editor of "Sojourners" magazine. His relationship with Obama began to loom as Obama's ties with Wright were "disappeared".Wallis has given an award to Obama; Obama has spoken at a Sojourners Forum. At the recent Saddleback Forum, Wallis was one of the few people involved in writing questions to pose to both Barack Obama and John McCain. Obama also tapped Wallis to help draft the Democratic Party platform.I have written about Jim Wallis in the past. He and...(Read Full Post)