Obama Throws 'Hope and Change' under the bus

It had to happen sooner or later. Once the emptiness of Obama's "Hope and Change" campaign was realized by the voters, the Democratic candidate for president had precious little substance to fall back on.Political attacks only resonate if the voter perceives a kernel of truth in them. And the way John McCain has been pounding away at Obama's non-existent plans for what exactly he would like to accomplish as president, it was bound to have an effect on the polls.It has.Abandoning all pretense of being a candidate who can unite the country by reaching across the aisle to Republicans and reforming Washington, Obama has dramatically shifted his campaign rhetoric to the Bill Clinton strategy of telling voters "I feel your pain:"Barack Obama sounds more like a man trying to shake a rain cloud these days, dispensing a teeth-clenching, I-get-your-pain stump speech in town after town that offers only snippets of the unbridled optimism that long permeated his campaign pitch....(Read Full Post)