Obama Rally in DC Sparsely Attended

Buried all the way on page C4 of the Metro section the Washington Post reported yesterday on a rally Saturday. The rally was so sparsely attended the best the photographer could come up with was a picture of an Obama cardboard cutout in front of the Lincoln memorial with a lone supporter decked out with a crude pre-printed paper campaign sign on their back. Sunday tourists on the mall vastly out-numbered  the Obama faithful.Evidently, the Post is trying to downplay this less-than-rousing display enthusiasm for the "one." Ironically, the very same day, Ombudsmen Deborah Howell tackled complaints that the wildly successful McCain-Palin rally in Fairfax Virginia last Thursday was relegated to the Metro section,  whereas an Obama rally in June (attended by less than half the number at the McCain event) was given front page Howell gave readers the standard editor's "front page space excuse." Tim Graham at...(Read Full Post)