Jon Stewart is a foreign policy dunce

Ed Lasky points us to this revealing article from Commentary Magazine's blog by James Kirchick that proves John Stewart doesn't know squat about foreign policy.The scary part is that Stewart's Daily Show is taken as gospel by millions of under 30 dimwitted Americans who believe the world is straight man to Stewart's comic "genius."Case in point:Take, for instance, Stewart's interview last week with former British Prime Minister Tony Blair interview (hat tip: John McCormack). Stewart tries to mock both Blair and President Bush's belief that if more countries become democratic, there is less chance they will war with each other. This is called Democratic Peace Theory, it's been in existence for decades, and is hardly an idea popularized only by rapacious neocons, George W. Bush and Tony Blair. It also, unfortunately for Stewart, has the benefit of being largely true.In the interview, Stewart thinks he's laid a clever trap for Blair when he brings up the Falklands War, in which...(Read Full Post)