Where is Al Gore?

I know. I know. He is speaking Thursday night at the DNC. What I mean is, where are his troops? Where are the protestors to stop Man Made Global Warming? Where are the posters? They are not on the streets of Denver.On my second day in Denver it occurred to me that something was missing. Finding something that is absent is just about as hard as proving a negative. I started looking for what wasn't there. Late on that second day it struck me: There were no signs of the coming apocalypse (MMGW style) in Denver. None, nichts, nada.I sent Brett Olson, a retired Green Beret who has been my bodyguard and pI know. I know. The sign says "recycle" not "Stop Man Made Global Warming," but at least Coca Cola's great big corporate heart is in the right place.That's it. We've searched for three days now, Brett and Me, and come up "snake eyes" each day.I have noticed that the Democrats are running the "greenest convention in history" and have shaken down most...(Read Full Post)