Update: Politics abound with Gustav

The Democrats have apparently found religion with Hurricane Gustav: As if on cue, liberal Democrats are jumping on percieved political oppurtunism related to the killer storm even as it is developing into a potential human tragedy even bigger than anticipated last a couple of days ago. American Thinker was ahead of the curve discussing the political ramifications of this storm while decrying the fact that it would likely be turned from a weather event into a partisan football. Sadly, this was an accurate prediction.No less than the former Chairman of the Democratic National Committee, Don Fowler, was caught on tape laughing with Congressman Jack Spratt at the Republican's bad fortune of having a hurricane hit New Orleans right as their National Convention was scheduled to start in the Twin Cities. Fowler, on a flight from Denver to Charlotte, said, among other things that it proved God was on their side. This, of course, follows crass comments from liberal activist Michael Moore,...(Read Full Post)