Rove: The 'Where's the Beef' Strategy, and Beyond

There's another fascinating op-ed in the Wall Street Journal this morning by Karl Rove on the next steps that John McCain should take in his battle against Barack Obama: What McCain Should Do Next. In it, Rove expounds on the growing belief about Obama that "there's no 'there' there".Mr. McCain was correct to seize on Mr. Obama's insinuations that the GOP would mount racist attacks against him. Now Mr. McCain needs to find ways to describe an Obama who is running on empty rhetoric. He needs to do to Mr. Obama what Walter Mondale did to Gary "Where's the Beef?" Hart in the 1984 Democratic primaries. Given Mr. Obama's thin résumé and accomplishments, this can be done, with a sustained effort.As McCain is doing that, Rove suggests that the Republican candidate also focus on bold domestic policy proposals and issues. Doing this in concert with questioning Obama's rhetoric and accomplishments seems to be a great one-two punch. As thin-skinned as Obama and...(Read Full Post)