Rasmussen: Biden a Lukewarm Choice

Rasmussen polled Democrats about the choice of Joe Biden as running mate and found rather tepid support for the Delaware senator.Just 39% supported the decision while 25% thought Biden was a bad choice and fully 35% weren't sure - not much of a ringing endorsement from the party faithful to be sure.What's more, a bare majority of women supported the decision. This is a reflection of many Democratic women's belief that Hillary Clinton was disrespected by the Obama campaign when they didn't vet or consult her on the choice.Meanwhile, a new Washington Post poll shows the race in pretty much of a holding pattern:Democrat Barack Obama and Republican John McCain are locked in a highly competitive race for the White House, with voters giving McCain a clear edge as a potential commander in chief but Obama a sizable advantage on economic issues, the subject of greatest concern to voters, according to a new Washington Post-ABC News poll. Heading into two critical weeks of the campaign -- the...(Read Full Post)