Polls, Polls, and more Polls - All say McCain gaining

You can tell how panicky some Democrats are getting because a few pundits are now openly calling for Obama to choose Hillary Clinton as his running mate.It's not going to happen - probably; although I'd say the odds have gone up in the last 24 hours as a blizzard of polls all show that John McCain - to one degree or another - has closed on Obama and made this a real horse race.CBS-NY Times poll has it Obama by 45-42 after it being a six point race last month. The NBC-Wall Street Journal poll has it by exactly the same count with McCain also coming back from a six point deficit.And in one significant state poll, McCain has closed to within three points of Obama in Pennsylvania according to Rasmussen.You might note that McCain's support has not risen as much as Obama has lost voters. Many drifted into the undecided column as Obama's foreign trip and Russia's aggression may have caused people to have second thoughts about the Illinois senator.No doubt Obama will get a big bounce...(Read Full Post)