Obama making his Saddleback performance even worse

Old Man John McCain took young Barack Obama behind the woodshed Saturday night and gave him a good ole fashioned whooping. The once Messianic Obama is now having a hard time not stumbling over his own rapidly falling halo. Monday, he emerged as the political "child-man," launching a tirade  in New Mexico that was almost surreal in it's tone. The performance made Harry Reid's whiny "oil is making us sick" speech seem almost Rambo-esque. It is simply amazing when you think about it, but the Democrat nominee is trying to win the right to face the Russians, the Iranians, Bin Laden and a plethora of complicated and tough domestic issues by claiming the Republicans are too "mean" to be elected.This is presidential politics by way of the elementary school classroom. If 12 year olds could vote, Obama would certainly win in a landslide. Anyone who thinks a clever campaign line is "the Republicans...they're so mean...what are we going...(Read Full Post)