Obama claims to have been talking about South Ossetia

Barack Obama took a couple minutues off of his Hawaiian idyll to offer a sound bite on the crisis in Georgia. We can hear his views on this video.  Note what he says at the 26 second mark:  

"For many months I have warned that there needs to be active international engagement to peacefully address the disputes over South Ossetia and Abkhazia including a high level and neutral international  mediator and a genuine international peacekeeping force , not simply Russian troops."

In an attempt to burnish his credential as a foreign policy seer, Obama claims to have been speaking out and warning about the situation in Georgia "for many months". Does anyone recall hearing Barack Obama over the past many months address this conflict? I did a google search and came up with no such history extending back many months, let alone the past few days.   Barack Obama -- he can heal the planet and recreate history.

Update: The Campaign Spot at NRO reports that Obama has never mention "Ossetia" in a major speech, while McCain has twice.
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