300 Foreign Policy Advisors and this is the best he can do?

We now have a shuddering foretaste of what would happen during an Obama presidency.  With all his fancy advisors the vacationing Obama suggested the Russian invasion of Georgia should be decided by the UN. 

 Uh, Russia sits on the UN Security Council.  That means they have veto power and all that. 
RUSSIA'S ambassador to the UN has rejected a proposed Western draft resolution in the Security Council that would call for an immediate truce between Russia and Georgia and for the mutual withdrawal of their forces from the conflict zone.

"I cannot see us accepting this French draft,'' Vitaly Churkin said, referring to a French-drafted text agreed by Western ambassadors.

So perhaps now he will go talk to the Russians, ask them to behave nicely and voila! they will.

And then he'll ask the Iranians to do the same thing.  And voila! they will too.

Scarey, scarey, scarey!