Did Bill Cut A Clever 11th Hour Deal?

The last time I witnessed an abrupt 180o  even approaching the magnitude of last night's from Bill Clinton was when Frank Pentangeli suddenly recanted all previous accusations against Michael Corleone at a Senate Committee hearing.  Of course, that was in the movie The Godfather, and Pentangeli's reversal was coerced by the frightening sight of his brother sitting directly beside Michael at the hearing.Needless to say, Clinton didn't resort to physical threats -- he didn't need to. Here's a more likely -- albeit somewhat theoretical -- scenario. Sometime in the past few days -- or weeks -- Bill's people approached Barack's people and produced these 3 documents related to Bill's pending convention appearance:1. Text of speech one2. Text of speech two3. A list of "requests," the fulfillment of which might just convince Bill to deliver speech two rather than speech one.Given the continued animosity between the camps, it would appear that the proposal was initially...(Read Full Post)