Democratic Convention and Kayne West

Rap singer Kayne West will enlighten and elevate the Democratic National Convention with his artistry. As Christopher Cook  wrote in his Modern Conservative article about the convention:

"Few people among any group-white, black, or otherwise-believe that gangsta culture is a particularly good thing for anyone. And yet purveyors of this culture are increasingly showing their support for Obama-in some cases, with verbiage that includes veiled threats of violence if he doesn't win. Perhaps Obama cannot be entirely blamed for this support, but perceptions are perceptions, and since Kanye West is performing at the DNC this year, one can hardly fault people for having those perceptions."

Kayne West's reputation precedes him. Going to a Kayne West lyrics site (which also offered me his ringtones), I come up with the verse to "Breathe in Breathe Out:"

'Yeah, breathe in, breathe out
If ya iced up, pull ya sleeves out
Push a big truck, pull ya keys out
Girls go wild and pull ya deez out
Breathe in, breathe out
Let them hoes fight, pull her weave out
If a nigga act up, pull a Desert E's out
When I pull the piece out niggas like "Peace out!" '

I will assume the term "hoes" here isn't a reference to gardening.

The next tune, "Get 'Em High," has a chorus that goes like this:

"[Chorus: Kanye West]
N-now, th-th-through ya motherfuckin hands
All the girls pass the weed to ya motherfuckin man
Now I ain't never tell you to put down ya hands
And if ya losin yo high than smoke again"
I will also assume that the use of the term "weed" here also is not a reference to gardening.

Or how about these lyrics from the second verse of "We Don't Care:"

"We claim other people kids on our income tax
We take that money cop work than push packs to get paid
And we don't care what people say"

This is what you want to hear performed at the Democratic National Convention -- if you are a conservative Republican, that is. Show the word what you got, Kayne, Howard Dean and Barack Obama. And remember, Harry Reid, it's still not to late to download those Kayne West ringtones 

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