Al Gore's new green toy

Well, at least Al Gore practices what he preaches. Sort of.  He has a new boat
named Bio-Solar One and has been called the "Toyota Prius of boats", reportedly so efficient it only needs to be filled up with fuel once a year.
His spokesman says that solar panels will be installed later this week.

However since Al Gore has stated that we must give up using fossil fuels in ten years because of something he refers to as global warming, why doesn't he just have a sailboat? A catamoran  is so energy efficient it only uses renewable wind and no fuel.
Or will his solar panels take care of that?  Or is he using some other mysterious bio fuel? Perhaps he mixes in some fish guts and algae with is marine fuel?

At any rate, congratulations Al Gore. Now if we can only get him to reduce his carbon footprint at his mansion...