The Story behind Mugabe's Crackdown

This story in today's Washington Post is an incredible indictment of not just Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe and the tactics he used to steal the election, but it also should bring shame to the African leaders who continue to back his rule despite overwhelming evidence that there is nothing legitimate about the outcome of that election.The story begins last March 30 when notes taken at a meeting between Mugabe and his security forces shockingly reveal that the dictator announced he had lost the election and was going to concede in a speech the next day.He was stopped by his cronies in the military who no doubt feared the prospect of investigations and trials into their murderous, corrupt rule if the opposition came to power. The military then guaranteed that if Mugabe would announce a run off election, that they would make sure he won.The tactics were straight out of the darkest chapter of African misrule:Mugabe, the only leader this country has known since its break from white...(Read Full Post)