Obama Meets a Grateful Planet

Fox News has this headline:Obama "Never" Has Doubts About Foreign Policy Experience Logan: Do you have any doubts? Obama: Never. Golly. I don't think Abraham Lincoln would have said that he never had any doubts before the Civil War. I don't think Henry Kissinger would say he had no doubts during Vietnam and the Cold War. I don't think Harry Truman, JFK, RFK, FDR, LBJ, Bush Sr, W, or any other actual occupant of the Oval Office would ever answer that way. Ever. At least, I hope not. Because Mr. Obama has not a single  smidgen of foreign policy experience at all. His round-the-world tour is a pure PR front. There's just no time to become a foreign policy expert; that takes a lifetime of dedication. Just as Obama has no executive experience, nor any experience that qualifies him to be Commander in Chief. He doesn't even have a legislative record in Illinois, much less the US Senate. And the media have made up their minds to fall on their knees for this guy. They're not...(Read Full Post)