Obama Meets a Grateful Planet

Fox News has this headline:

Obama "Never" Has Doubts About Foreign Policy Experience

Logan: Do you have any doubts?

Obama: Never.

Golly. I don't think Abraham Lincoln would have said that he never had any doubts before the Civil War. I don't think Henry Kissinger would say he had no doubts during Vietnam and the Cold War. I don't think Harry Truman, JFK, RFK, FDR, LBJ, Bush Sr, W, or any other actual occupant of the Oval Office would ever answer that way. Ever.

At least, I hope not. Because Mr. Obama has not a single  smidgen of foreign policy experience at all. His round-the-world tour is a pure PR front. There's just no time to become a foreign policy expert; that takes a lifetime of dedication.

Just as Obama has no executive experience, nor any experience that qualifies him to be Commander in Chief. He doesn't even have a legislative record in Illinois, much less the US Senate.

And the media have made up their minds to fall on their knees for this guy. They're not going to ask any tough questions at all. It's just part of their normal service to the American voter.  

Maybe that's what so mind-boggling about this candidate?  Obama has an overwheening sense of pride and limitless self-confidence. He not only uses the messiah message to sucker millions of liberals -- that's just part of the Al Gore and John Kerry playbook -- but he is fully convinced of it himself. Obama seems to believe with a faith beyond mere human understanding that he has come to Save the Planet. You think Algore the Prophet is a fraud? Wait till you see this guy.

That's weird and scary. Obama doesn't seem to have an adult evaluation of himself --- or of the formidable challenges that will face the next president. He sounds like he's on an adolescent ego trip, or worse, that he has an endemic personality defect  

Overweening pride will not solve Iranian nukes, the rising storm clouds of war in the Middle East, America's self-inflicted energy dependency, the Global Warming fraud, a Democrat Party that is both enraged and fantasy-driven, race problems that are constantly kept on the boil by the Jesse Jacksons of the world, the economy, and a slickster candidate who demonstrates no permanent principles at all, but who has the most hard-core Leftist history of any presidential candidate in American history.

Logan: Do you have any doubts?

Obama: Never.

Just think about that. What's it going to be? Global disarmament? A Global Poverty Act   The cure for AIDS? Saving the Planet from America's sins?

Consider the New York Times tale that Obama receives an email briefing every morning on foreign policy, supposedly generated by 300 -- count 'em -- 300 foreign policy advisors.    Nobody in the world, certainly no rookie, can absorb the advice of 300 different advisors. So this is either a PR lie, or it's part of the candidates florid fantasy world.

Let's just hope it's a PR lie, designed to buy off the Democrat foreign policy establishment, give them all hope for positions of power, and then, when the election in the bag, kick out all except a few. Because nobody, but nobody in the world actually listens to 300 advisors. It would take a week just to get all their opinions. Can you imagine trying to get 300 liberals to agree on a single policy? Let's all hope and pray it's a convenient lie.

Which brings us back to the Candidate of Post-partisan Change and Hope, Barack the Rorschach Blot. This campaign is throwing dust in all of our eyes. It is now impossible to tell what this candidate really believes, or what he might try to do as President. The country is voting for a pig in a poke.

If the Democrats control Congress and the Presidency, as the media now hope and predict, they will have all the power in the world. What will they use it for? Have they ever shown themselves to be responsible in any way whatsoever? Not since the Sixties Left took over the Democrat Party.

Logan: Do you have any doubts?

Obama: Never.

Just let that echo in your head for a while.

James Lewis blogs at dangeroustimes.wordpress.com/