More Iranian 'Rough Justice'

Ho hum. 
Iran conducted its largest mass execution for many years, hanging 29 people for drugs smuggling and murder.
Oh sure, Amnesty International made a weak complaint but the UN has not held an emergency session to condemn the Iranian government, the  Vatican hasn't been heard from and the European countries are still trying to do business with Iran. There were no large protests anywhere. 

So what were the dastardly crimes that merited the accused such a barbaric and public end?

The condemned were said to have committed rape, murder with torture, armed robbery and the trafficking of hundreds of kilograms of narcotics, though some were also accused of drinking alcohol and possession of ammunition.

"These people had criminal records and were repeat offenders. Each time after serving a prison term, they were released only to return to drug trafficking gangs and to continue committing crimes," said Saeed Mortazavi, the chief prosecutor. "We are hoping Tehran will become the most unsafe place for drug dealers, thugs and trouble-makers and also violators of people's honour."

Judge Roy Bean was a piker compared to these brutes.

But of course, Iran can't have criminals drinking alcohol or violating "the people's honor." Off with their heads! (Or in this case, String 'em up!)

After all, it is not as if the US executed a killer after a careful trial with due process and multiple appeals or if Israel killed a terrorist on the verge of committing mass slaughter.  Then all of the above--and more-- would have protested loudly, oh so smugly pleading for the life of killer while condemning those countries as barbaric.
Double standard, a prejudiced standard against civilized countries indeed.