Labour's 'suicide election' (updated)

Odd, that as Europe's left is having a hard time staying alive, much of  this country seems enamored of the most radically leftist presidential candidate ever.

It's gotten so bad in the UK, Labour is considering a "suicide election"

Panicking Labour ministers are considering a 'suicide election' to give the party a fresh start under a new leader, following their humiliating defeat at the hands of the SNP in the Glasgow East by-election. Senior figures disillusioned with Gordon Brown want a senior Cabinet minister to take over the party leadership and head immediately to the polls either this autumn or next spring, even if defeat is the likely option.


Our friend Helen from EUReferendum is sceptical of the report noting that the EU now rules the UK and change is very hard.

So I was elated to read this  EurActive note   from a link at Instapundit   :


Almost three-quarters of Irish voters are opposed to a second referendum on the EU's new reform treaty, a new poll published yesterday (27 July) revealed, dealing a blow to EU leaders' hopes of rescuing the text. . . . Of those who voiced an opinion, 62% said they would vote no in a second referendum, while 34% said they would back the treaty, which aims to overhaul the Union's institutions and procedures.

The new figures would mean that, compared to the first run on 12 June, where 53.4% of the Irish rejected the text (EurActiv 13/06/08), the no camp could further increase its lead by 6 percentage points to a commanding 24-point lead in a rerun.