Minority journalists worried about too much enthusiasm for Obama

The not-quite-yet chosen one addresses a meeting of minority journalists today, and the scribes are worried about unseemly displays of affection and enthusiasm. Apparently just letting nature take its course might raise a few awkward questions about objectivity, so organizers of the meet are putting out the word to the journos to at least act unbiased while the national cameras are there.

The minority journalists' convention known as "Unity" hit a rough patch earlier this week with Chicago police called in to quell an outbreak of violence. So this might be one of the more excitable groups one could find. But in fairness, it may have been outside agitators that brought all those police cars to the convention center the other day.

Jesse Washington, the AP's new man on the race and ethnicity beat, does a skillful and even-handed job in reporting these concerns. A good sign.

Hat tip: David Paulin