1/3 of UK Muslim students believe what?

A survey of UK university students reveals some disturbing information about the attitudes of the Muslim subgroup, compared to their non-Muslim counterparts.  Duncan Gardham of the Telegraph reports:

28 per cent said killing could be justified if the religion was under attack and another four per cent supported killing in order to "promote and preserve" the religion.

Over half, 53 per cent, said killing in the name of religion was never justifiable but among non-Muslim students that figure was 94 per cent. [....]

The importance of sharia law to most Muslim was underlined by the 40 per cent who said they supported its introduction into law for Muslims in Britain, although 37 per cent opposed it. [...]

Nearly half of women and 36 per cent of men believe that the "free mixing" of sexes is not acceptable, while nine per cent of women and 17 per cent of men are unsure.

Hat tip: Dennis Sevakis