Mayor Daley and the Chicago Trib: 'Repeal the 2nd Amendment'

Last week when the Heller decision came down, Chicago's Mayor Richard Daley suggested that the states should repeal the 2nd amendment.Now those of us fortunate to live in Chicago or its beautiful suburbs and ex-urbs have gotten used to hizzoner's moods. Daley can be sarcastic in front of reporters and can usually be counted on to deliver at least one colorful quote.Whether he really means it when he says we shoud tear up the Constitution is suspect. Daley, who came out of the womb a politician (his father Richard J. Daley was Mayor of Chicago for two decades), no doubt realizes it would be political suicide to even suggest such a stupid thing.Then there's the Chicago Tribune. While Daley might have as excuse for proposing the wipe out of gun rights in that he was emotional about what will probably happen to a similar law in Chicago, the Trib has no such reason for what they write here under the headline "Repeal the Second Amendment:"No, we don't suppose that's going to...(Read Full Post)