Jesse Jackson Gets Very Personal in Criticizing Obama (updated)

No, it's really not that much of a story as I point out here. But it reveals the fear that Jackson and other racialists like Al Sharpton feel with regard to Obama and the threat he poses to their little civil rights empires.Jackson didn't know the microphone was live:Rev. Jesse Jackson apologized Wednesday for saying Barack Obama is "talking down to black people" during what Jackson thought was a private conversation before a FOX News interview Sunday.Jackson was speaking to a fellow guest at the time about Obama's speeches in black churches and his support for faith-based charities. Jackson added before going live, "I want to cut his nuts off."His microphone picked up the remarks.Here's a video of the incident.Obama's support for faith based programs plus his call for African Americans taking more responsibility for their own lives would side step the usual civil rights middlemen represented by Jackson and Sharpton. Hence, their racial extortion racket...(Read Full Post)