Fawning, groveling, Euro-lickspittle Press for Obama

Politico is reporting this but I'm not believing it. The Associated Press used to be - in its heyday - a reliable source for unvarnished news. They had to be. Hundreds of newspapers across the country used AP wire reports in their papers and trusted that what they were printing was factual and devoid of opinion and bias. And then there is AP today :TOMORROW'S PAPERS TODAY - 'Obamamania in full flight ahead of tour of Europe,' from AP Berlin: 'In this city where John F. Kennedy, Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton all made famous speeches, Obama will find himself stepping into perhaps another iconic moment Thursday as his superstar charisma meets German adoration live in shadows of the Reichstag and the Brandenburg Gate. He then travels to Paris and London where he can expect to be greeted with similar adulation. 'It's not only Obama's youth, eloquence and energy that have stolen hearts across the Atlantic. For Europeans, there have always been two Americas: one of cynicism, big business...(Read Full Post)