Do Democrats Care about Chavez and his Oppression of the Jews?

American Thinker has long noted that many leading Democrats seem to have a special warm spot for Hugo Chavez, the increasingly dictatorial President of Venezuala. He is a supporter of the FARC terrorist group operating inside our ally Colombia's territory. He is a fomenter of radicalism throughout South America, a partner and good friend of the Iranian regime. In short, he is an anti-American tyrant who lately has been trying to impose Nazi-like police powers in Venezuala. He has had a high-level summit meeting with the Holocaust-denying, Holocuast-planning Presdient of Iran, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad . Just this past week, government officials have been linked to Hezbollah-helping to fund the terror group and giving its members safe haven.  Even the New York Times has taken note of the increasing dictatorial powers that Chavez is grasping for ("Chavez Seizes Great Economic Power," "Chavez Decree Tightens Hold on Intelligence" )....(Read Full Post)