The D-Day story the MSM didn't tell again

Another D-Day anniversary has come and gone, and still the media won't report the news they don't want you to see.I witnessed the invasion at Normandy on D-Day in 2004, on the 60th Anniversary.  No doubt they were back there again this D-Day, as they are every year.  But you didn't hear about it from the MSM.  It doesn't fit their template of how the Europeans, particularly the French, don't respect the United States anymore.By the thousands, they come.  Like ghosts.  Dressed in full, authentic World War II battle gear. Standing in small groups on the street corners of St. Mere Eglise, Carentan and the other town and villages near the coast there the British, Canadians and Americans came ashore in '44.They carry M1's, BAR's, Thompson's and holstered 45's.  All perfect replicas. Their uniforms display the patches of the 101st and 82nd Airborne Divisions.  The 29th and 4th Infantry Divisions.  Canteens and ammo pouches and med pacs on their web...(Read Full Post)