Obama's Funding Gambit

The day after Sen. Obama announced that he would not take public financing for the general election, part of his overall plan for the general election came into focus.  MoveOn-dot-org announced that “it's time to close [their] 527 forever”.  The stated reason is their belief that small, individual donations are the way to go in this election.  MoveOn endorsed Mr. Obama in February.There is some fine political maneuvering in this Obama shift away from public financing – which he assured everyone he would take.  First and most obvious, Mr. Obama will be able to personally spend as much money as he can pull in, and he has shown the ability to pull in plenty.  With MoveOn leading the way in closing their 527, one can reasonably expect the Obama campaign to gain that money as well.  That will end up being a boatload of centralized cash.And that centralization is important for Mr. Obama.  His is a carefully crafted brand that needs...(Read Full Post)