Obama Backtracks on Pledge to Consider Military Option Against Iran

Periodically, Barack Obama tries to bolster his foreign policy and national security credentials by making statements along the lines of "all options are on the table" regarding Iran's nuclear efforts. This implies that one of those options would include military actions to disable its nuclear weapons research programs (such as surgical strikes similar to the successful Israeli attack on the Syrian/North Korean plant last year).  This as a strategy  actually makes diplomacy more viable since the Iranians would have to contemplate the consequences following the failure of diplomacy.   However, Barack Obama explicitly rejected this military option in a discussion with New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof last year.   Barack Obama in his own words:    If there was a way of disabling a nuclear facility without any collateral damage, then that would certainly be an option we'd want to take into account. You know, I don't...(Read Full Post)