Obama and the other SCOTUS decision

Although overshadowed by the Second Amendment ruling, yesterday the SCOTUS also overturned part of McCain-Feingold campaign finance reform. One beneficiary of this overturned provision of the law was Barack Obama. Barack Obama capitalized on the so-called Millionaire's Exception, which allows those running against wealthy self-financing candidates to raise more money from all those supposedly little donors (in Obama's case, including George Soros who was able to use this loophole to give large amounts to Barack Obama). Mysteriously, this backing from Soros took place right before an unknown someone in Chicago disclosed campaign-killing news to the Chicago Tribune about both Obama's primary and general election millionaire opponents. David Axelrod, Obama's campaign guru, worked for the Chicago Tribune for years, has been involved in Chicago politics for years, and explored the opportunity to work for one of Obama's opponents (Blair Hull) before he chose to promote Barack Obama. (Read Full Post)