NYT flacking for Castro

 Memories of the recently departed ABC sportscaster Jim McKay provided the New York Times an opportunity to celebrate the "human side" of Fidel Castro. McKay's producer/director for a 1991 interview with Fidel Castro writes an account of the complexities of the trip climaxing with McKay's last question to Castro:

"I would like to know more about you as a man, and I'm sure the American people would, too," McKay said. "How would you describe yourself as a person?"

In his final question, McKay asked Castro, "Can you see in your lifetime and mine any way that the U.S. and Cuba can assume normal relations/"  Castro responded,  "Everything will depend, my friend, on the amount of years we both live."

I don't know, I'd have preferred this:

"Why do you kill, torture and imprison people who disagree with you?"


"Why won't you let Cubans have the freedom to choose their own government?"