Judicial temperament?

A poster of Che Guevara hangs on the wall of a judge who found Ohio's death penalty law constitutionally lacking. But his idol Che was not very respectful of the niceties of justice, and Che and Barack and the judgeloved to watch firing squads at work. Che once said

"Judicial evidence is an archaic bourgeois detail. This is a revolution. We execute from revolutionary conviction.""
Judge James Burge, whose wall is graced by Fidel, and Barack too, just declared that Ohio must change its lethal injection death penalty procedure because the current method is not quick and painless enough.

Leaving aside the irony of admiring a ruthless butcher while being perhaps a bit prissy about executions, how is it consistent with a judicial temperament to revere a butcher like Che?

Which prompts Tigerhawk to ask 
"Is he a Communist who happens to support Barack Obama in the absence of actual Communists, or an Obama liberal who sees nothing wrong in promoting a Communist murderer? It is difficult to know which."
We have seen this sort of thing before. The American left has found their candidate.

Obama campaign office

Hat tip: Michael Geer, Instapundit, Orin Kerr