Forecast for Hell: Cooling with a chance of snow

The New York Times - that's right; this is not a misprint - headlines a piece on Iraq today, "Big Gains for Iraq Security, but Questions Linger."Since that is what the United States army has been saying for months, can we now call the New York Times a propaganda organ for the Army? I'm sure that's what the left thinks.Or perhaps, finally, they are getting it:For Hatem al-Bachary, a Basra businessman, the turnabout has been "a miracle," the first tentative signs of a normal life. "I don't think the militias have disappeared, and maybe there are sleeper cells which will try to revive themselves again," he said. "But the first time they try to come back they will have to show themselves, and the government, army and police are doing very well."While the increase in American troops and their support behind the scenes in the recent operations has helped tamp down the violence, there are signs that both the Iraqi security forces and the Iraqi...(Read Full Post)