Der Spiegel blames 'US NeoCons' for Irish Vote.

So the Irish voted against the deceptive "Lisbon Treaty" --- which is really the European Union Constitution. Der Spiegel is a fanatically anti-American German magazine that routinely trashes the United States. Got that? So the fraudulent EU Constitution lost because of the Irish vote, and Der Spiegel, which is a mouthpiece for the unelected and unaccountable European Union, is looking for somebody to blame. Guess who? It's the NeoCons! "TRANS-ATLANTIC INTERFERENCE?US Neocons Accused of Role in Irish 'No' VoteDid neo-cons from the United States fund the campaign in Ireland to reject the Lisbon Treaty? Accusations to that effect are widespread -- particularly given the business contacts of a leading group in the "no" camp. The words were clear: "Europe has powerful enemies on the other side of the Atlantic, gifted with considerable financial means." The speaker was France's Europe Minister Jean-Pierre Jouyet, addressing a pro-European...(Read Full Post)