Der Spiegel blames 'US NeoCons' for Irish Vote.

So the Irish voted against the deceptive "Lisbon Treaty" --- which is really the European Union Constitution. Der Spiegel is a fanatically anti-American German magazine that routinely trashes the United States.

Got that? So the fraudulent EU Constitution lost because of the Irish vote, and Der Spiegel, which is a mouthpiece for the unelected and unaccountable European Union, is looking for somebody to blame.

Guess who?

It's the NeoCons!


US Neocons Accused of Role in Irish 'No' Vote

Did neo-cons from the United States fund the campaign in Ireland to reject the Lisbon Treaty? Accusations to that effect are widespread -- particularly given the business contacts of a leading group in the "no" camp. 

The words were clear: "Europe has powerful enemies on the other side of the Atlantic, gifted with considerable financial means." The speaker was France's Europe Minister Jean-Pierre Jouyet, addressing a pro-European rally in Lyon at the weekend. He was putting the blame for the Irish rejection of the Lisbon Treaty on some surprising shoulders: neoconservatives in the United States. "The role of the American neocons was very important in the victory of the 'no,'" he said.

A voice of paranoia from old Europe? Perhaps. But the allegations are not exactly new. Those campaigning for a "yes" vote in the Irish referendum on June 12 had made similar suggestions in the run up to the vote." 

Evidently the Irish voters couldn't possibly decide against the mendacious European Union all by themselves. It had to be a sinister Outside Influence.

So the NeoCons ruined the European Union!

Stabbed in the back --- again!

During the Cold War, West Germany seemed to be one of the most decent and well-meaning places on earth. Since the Berlin Wall fell, Germany has regressed to an enraged, anti-American, and indeed, anti-civilized mind-set, at least judging by its Leftist media. Is it disappointment at the fall of Communism? Is it a Bismarckian need to find foreign enemies to united the New Empire? Is it just an old neurosis tickling again?

I don't know. But something rings awfully familiar.

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