Apostasy: NY Times Outsources Internet Hosting and Services

Reciting the outsourcing mantra is a required ritual for any self-respecting Democrat office seeker this cycle. Obama and Clinton both took up the battle cry in the primaries to rally big labor bosses and agitate the rank and file. Assisted by their allies in the drive-by media like the New York Times and NBC News, the candidate's rhetoric was reinforced with strategically placed  stories to amplify the propaganda. For observers interested in exposing media hipocrisy, the announcement that the New York Times is outsourcing their internet operations to a unit of Mumbai India Newspaper publisher Deccan Chronicle is a most delicious nugget.   Apparently Local 3 NY Newspaper Guild is unconcerned that the Times is outsourcing jobs in the highest growth segment of the company. The guild is supposedly monitoring layoffs and ignoring outsourcing. (Read Full Post)