A Tale of Two Churches

There have been over the last few years concerted efforts among pro-Palestinian activists, anti-Israel activists in various denominations to compel their governing bodies to take anti-Israel actions. These have included divestment calls (sell stock in companies doing business with Israel), as well as boycotts and various other steps. The Presbyterian Church USA (PCUSA) is currently being rent by these same calls by some members -which include a total suspension of military aid to Israel. However these efforts are being opposed by a group of Presbyterians within the Church's governing body as well as some other opponents who happen to be US Senators.     Last month, six senators who are Presbyterians urged the church not to endorse the proposal to cut off defense help to Israel. "We are adamantly opposed to the call for the U.S. government to temporarily suspend military aid to Israel," senators Kyl of Arizona, Bond of Missouri, DeMint of South...(Read Full Post)