Why are Homeschoolers so Touchy about Subway's Snub?

As a private corporation, Subway is free to include or exclude anyone from their essay contest,  and can set up the rules of their contest as they see fit. So why -- beside the blatant misspellings that even the eight-year-olds caught -- are homeschoolers so offended by this? Homeschooling has grown in the United States to the point where 3 million children are currently being educated at home. Will Smith homeschools his kids, along with Winona Judd, NASCAR drivers, astronauts, lawyers, professors, doctors, nurses, and truck drivers -- all of whom are finding this educational choice works for their families.Homeschoolers usually are one-income families, whether they are married couples, a single parents, or gay couples. Unlike private school parents, where commonly both parents work, homeschool parents have one adult dedicated to the day-to-day education of the children. Homeschooling has come a long way, finally breaching the final frontier with a national Homeschool League...(Read Full Post)