The Fate of Jerusalem under a President Obama

Senator Obama's newest Middle East Advisor Daniel Kurtzer, of whom we have written about here  has recently telegraphed that an Obama Administration will place the fate of Jerusalem as part of the peace process that a future Obama Administration will push. Of course, this is in opposition to enduring Israeli policy that has held that a united Jerusalem is of paramount importance. Historians will recall that the Jewish and Christian areas under Arab (first Jordanian, then Palestinian control) have been repeatedly degraded, destroyed and abused over many years. The fate of the Jewish population was always in peril when armed forces controlled the eastern part of the city,Dore Gold in his recent book, "The Fight for Jerusalem: Radical Islam, the West, and the Future of the Holy City" not only covered this history of destruction-and the fact that Jews were denied access to Jewish religious sites in the West Bank-but also noted that a division of Jerusalem would stoke...(Read Full Post)