The demonic Father Pfleger

If you want another proof that the Catholic Church has completely lost control of its ordained priests, consider another one of Obama's mentors, one Father Michael Pfleger -- a white race-baiting Marxist. Like Rev. Wright, you have to hear the truly demonic tones in his voice --- simply reading the text isn't enough.    Your inner “reading voice” just won't say it like  he does. (Not unless you hear  demonic voices in your head, like some paranoids and multiple personality victims.)  To give you an idea, Father Pfleger sounds like Jeremiah Wright on a really bad acid trip. He is hateful; he is sadistically gleeful; he preaches a vicious anti-White race hatred; and he has the congregation screaming with joy. This is a sight and sound to behold, something out of the worst parts of  the Middle Ages, with priests demagoguing their congregations to go out and kill Jews, or Protestant infidels, Catholics, or Orthodox Christians. But this is...(Read Full Post)