The demonic Father Pfleger

If you want another proof that the Catholic Church has completely lost control of its ordained priests, consider another one of Obama's mentors, one Father Michael Pfleger -- a white race-baiting Marxist. Like Rev. Wright, you have to hear the truly demonic tones in his voice --- simply reading the text isn't enough.    Your inner “reading voice” just won't say it like  he does. (Not unless you hear  demonic voices in your head, like some paranoids and multiple personality victims.)


To give you an idea, Father Pfleger sounds like Jeremiah Wright on a really bad acid trip. He is hateful; he is sadistically gleeful; he preaches a vicious anti-White race hatred; and he has the congregation screaming with joy. This is a sight and sound to behold, something out of the worst parts of  the Middle Ages, with priests demagoguing their congregations to go out and kill Jews, or Protestant infidels, Catholics, or Orthodox Christians. But this is right here in America, brough to you by the compassion of Black Liberation Theology.

Father Pfleger could be faking his race-baiting, taking as his "prophetic preaching" model his good friend the Reverend Jeremiah Wright. No doubt his act is thoroughly rehearsed. But that only makes his race-baiting worse, a premeditated act of evil that will end up killing human beings, as the message spreads that it's OK to prey on Whitey. Pfleger --- he does not deserve the respectful appelation "Father" --- is preaching sociopathy. I had not heard this was part of Catholic teaching.

The Catholic Church has a responsibility in this matter. It has bent over backwards to protect the privacy of ordained priests who have been engaged in regular sexual abuse of children. I have not seen evidence that child abuse occurs more often among priests than in the general population. I understand the Church has its own ways of dealing with errant priests. Nevertheless, the public seems to have the accurate impression that the Church is tainted with the worst public behavior in centuries. This has done immense damage to its reputation among Catholics and the general public all around the world. The response of the Church is widely considered to be grossly inadequate, even by faithful Catholics.

Father Pfleger brings public scandal to the Church. He clearly and obviously, on videotape, preaches racial hatred. He does so with plenty of prior rehearsal and maybe coaching, in order to sound just like race-baiting ole' Reverend Wright, who has apparently been conducting a school for race baiters over at Trinity United. The Democrat Party of Chicago, Louis Farrakhan, the whole den of thieves of the Illinois Democrat Machine has obviously known about this for decades. The radical Left and ACORN (Obama's "community organizing" radicals) must have known all about it. The Obamas were up to their necks in guilty knowledge. The Clintons knew.  Everybody knew.

Today, everybody in the world knows. They can see it on YouTube.

Pope Benedict is quoted as pointing out the close connection between Marxism and "liberation theology"  --- like Jeremiah Wright's Black Liberation Theology  Classical Marxism preaches war between social classes. BLT preaches war between the races. It's shocking to decent people. The results is bound to be more crime, more drugs,  more family violence, more social pathology among the poorest of the poor.

Does the Catholic Church recognize any responsibility to deal with Father Pfleger? Do the words of Vatican II mean anything in practice? The civil authority in America is committed to free speech, including free hate speech. It should not do anything.  But the Church does not have to implicitly validate Father Pfleger's message by continuing his ordination. It brings even more scandal upon the Church, which is already reeling.

As for Senator Barack Obama, it does bring his history and political backers into sharper and sharper focus, doesn't it?

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