Obama's New Best Friends: Jews

Barack Obama wants to talk away some serious doubts the pro-Israel community has about the candidate's support of a strong U.S.-Israel relationship. Obama's anti-Israel advisors (some disavowed after public embarrassments) McPeak, Brzezinski, Malley, and Power, Obama's close association with pro-Palestinian activists Ali Abunimah and Rashid Khalidi, Obama's allegiance to Reverend Wright, Obama's reluctance to criticize Jimmy Carter's meeting with Hamas, the Hamas endorsement of Obama, and then the discovery that Obama's own advisor was engaging Hamas in talks are a few of the things that cause many Jews to lose sleep at the thought of President Obama. As he did in his address to Cleveland's Jewish community leaders in February, Obama sought to reassure Jewish voters in his interview  with Jeffrey Goldberg in The Atlantic.  Did his words overcome some of their trepidation?First, Obama relied on a variation of the tried and true formula "Some of my best friends are...(Read Full Post)