Back to the WTC Bombing

Laurie Mylroie and Andrew McCarthy have been involved in a dispute centered on his book, Willful Blindness. I think Laurie has the better of it, critical of McCarthy's role in  prosecuting that case in  a way that left most people thinking the blind sheikh was behind it when the evidence showed he was not, that , in fact, it was more likely a false flag operation with Iraq pulling the strings. I urge you to read her spirited response which concludes:To what extent are the networks of Islamic militants penetrated and sometimes supported by states that use the militants for their own purposes? Despite all the injunctions against group-think issued after 9/11, McCarthy, et. al. want to impose just such a stifling consensus and silence the dissenting voices that may exist, like mine.The Reagan years saw a fierce fight over a closely related issue. The view that prevailed was promoted by figures like CIA Director Bill Casey and journalist Claire Sterling: Major terrorist...(Read Full Post)