Avoiding humiliation for the public schools?

Subway sandwich shops have chosen to sponsor a story-writing contest for students. Very laudable considering the serious decline in writing skills among Americans in recent decades. But why has the sandwich shop chosen to exclude home schoolers?   The parade of home schooled children scoring high in the National Spelling Bee in recent years has proven embarrassing to the government schools see. Given the catastrophic state of many schools (and many schools of education), there is every chance that best story-writers in the country would include many home schooled children if they were allowed to compete.So how is it that Subway decided to exclude home schooled children? The website announcement includes an offer of $5000 of playground equipment for the school of the winner. Perhaps the chain does not want to reward a household? Of course, home schoolers pay taxes and receive no educational benefit from those taxes.  Having home schooled a child...(Read Full Post)