The unbearable lightness of Obama

The flimsiness of Obama's foreign policy views was made crystal clear today. He criticized Jimmy Carter for talking with Hamas:" "saying he would not talk to the Islamist group until it recognized Israel and renounced terrorism."On the other hand he said:"[T]he greatest threat to Israel comes from Iran and said the United States should talk to Iran directly."My approach to Iran will be based upon aggressive diplomacy," he said."What it means is that we come to the table with a very clear set of objectives and a very clear set of demands -- that Iran ceases from pursuing nuclear weapons, that it stops funding Hezbollah and Hamas, that it ends its noxious statements about Israel and the threats directed towards Israel," he said."The current policy of not talking is not working and I believe its time to change that," he said.So it's wrong to talk to Hamas without preconditions, including recognition of Israel and abjuring terrorism,...(Read Full Post)