Superdelegates trickling toward Obama

Democratic Party super-delegates continue to break for Barack Obama in ones and twos. He has now closed what was once an over 100 delegate lead for Clinton among the super-delegate category to just 21 (259-238) This pattern is occurring as Hillary Clinton begins to pull away from Obama on the most important measure: how each candidate runs against John McCain . For the first time in months, Clinton now runs better  than Obama against McCain in  the composite of surveys Given that Obama has consistently run a few points better (5-7%) in polls than primaries,  the gap between Clinton and Obama may be larger than 1.5%, in fact, much larger ( a new AP survey out today shows Clinton ahead by 9%, Obama by 2%). . In key state polls:  Ohio   Pennsylvania and Florida ,  Clinton runs much better on average than Obama does   against  McCain : by 7.6%, 5.2% and 11.4% respectively .  These individual state...(Read Full Post)