Sharpe James convicted

Former Newark mayor Sharpe James was convicted  in federal court of five charges, including conspiracy and fraud, along with former girlfriend Tamika Riley. He could face 20 years in prison, but is said to be more likely to get a sentence in the single digits.The vile nature of Sharpe James's brand of politics was superbly captured on film in a movie that ought to be widely used in political science classes across America. Do yourself a favor and rent the excellent movie Street Fight  about the 2002 election in which James employed the lowest form of political tactics in defeating a challenge from Cory Booker in the Newark Democratic mayoral primary (tantamount to election). Booker, who became a political hero to me, is today the mayor of Newark, and is reported to be making progress in turning around that city which suffered so deeply under the governance of a corrupt Democrat political machine, one that was integral to the New Jersey Democratic Party. Jim...(Read Full Post)