Rupert vs Pinch

Newsweek offers a 4000 word examination of the coming battle between Rupert Murdoch and Pinch Sulzberger. Tomorrow, the Wall Street Journal will debut some major changes reflecting the makeover underway since News Corporation purchased the paper from the Bancroft family, its longtime owners. This comes in the wake of a disastrous first quarter earnings report, which showed not just a net loss, but the company's abject failure to make good on its announced cost-cutting program.Newsweek compares the battle to the historic 19th century confrontation between Joseph Pulitzer and William Randolph Hearst for dominance of the New York newspaper market. While intriguing, the comparison understates the significance of the current face-off, for the reach of the Times and the Journal is worldwide today, and the changing technology of internet distribution lends a far more dynamic cast to the strategic clash of titans.According to the piece, here is what we sill see in tomorrow's WSJ:As of Monday,...(Read Full Post)